TBV Vietnam – Enhancing Sanitary Ware Quality with Modern Technology

Published: 03/06/2024

At TBV Vietnam, we prioritize maintaining strong relationships and receiving continuous support from equipment manufacturers worldwide. We are committed to constant self-improvement and updating our technology, from design and digitization to machine prototyping and the production of the final product.

Our staff has been sent for training in Italy and continuously updates their knowledge abroad to ensure that TBV Vietnam’s products meet international standards.

Superior Quality of TBV Vietnam Sanitary Ware
High-Quality International Standard Accessories

The accessories in TBV/Cosani sanitary ware meet international standards such as CE, WRAS, Water Mark, and UPC. We only use accessories from reputable suppliers both domestically and internationally, ensuring:

Solutions for Contaminated Water

TBV Vietnam has developed a water supply unit that has been granted intellectual property certification in the USA (patent number US9964225B2). This unit can effectively operate in contaminated water sources, including ferruginous and dirty water, and well water.

Through relentless efforts, TBV Vietnam is committed to providing customers with high-quality, safe, and durable sanitary ware products. We will continue to enhance the quality of our products and services, contributing to improving the lives of consumers in Vietnam and around the world.

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